With Vancouver in Inland Washington Waters

With Vancouver… continues the saga of The Early Exploration with the journals of Vancouver’s men including Peter Puget, Joseph Baker and more. These journals present a view of shipboard life as well as details on additional exploration not presented in the Vancouver’s journal. The daily life of an Admiralty crewman is well documented including shipboard hazards, and who got flogged for thievery, drunkenness or dereliction of duty.

The journals of Peter Puget and Archibald Menzies include amazing descriptions of the first visit to Puget Sound, that body of water south of the Tacoma Narrows, as Vancouver intended the name. Their interaction and near battle with the native population provides input on their state of mind as well as the protective nature of the Indians. Thomas Manby explained how he brought down a crow in mid-flight during this event. This was the Indian’s first encounter with fire arms and they were understandably humbled.

The journals of William Broughton, commander of H.M.S Chatham, and his master, James Johnstone, provide a wonderful word-picture of the first exploration through our San Juan Islands. The long-boat expeditions through San Juan Channel, President Passage, Upright and Harney Channels, and Lopez Sound are fascinating.

And the exploration of Saratoga Passage on the inside of Whidbey Island includes their stories of meeting hundreds of friendly native Americans who lived along each side of the passage.

This absorbing read and its descriptions of Puget Sound country and the native Americans who lived here is spellbinding.

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6 x 9 Perfect Bound, 230 pages
ISBN: 9-780786-426690


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