Love Letter to Cathie

One Man’s Journey through Grief

… is the poignant memoir of a gentleman laying bare the disorientation, bitterness, pain, and eventual acceptance, of loss, all through an extended conversation with his wife’s lingering presence after her death in 2019.
Covering the first eighteen months without her, Dick Blumenthal shares his struggle to function as he explains his path of grief through difficult, raw, and even ugly emotions. With uncommon intimacy, he exposes his feelings about the tenacious hold an incontrollable, tearful state can have on a person in the wake of a spouse’s death, and how undone they can be by it. As time progresses, he gradually begins to acknowledge and accept the gifts she gave him over fifty-two years of marriage. And with her continued virtual support, he finds the way to rejoin the world without constantly being overwhelmed by grief or the fear of forgetting.

“This is a close-up journey of a man driven to understand his loss and his emotions – to find meaning and a way to go forward. It is heart-wrenching, eye-opening, and motivational all at once. Read it to the end and you’ll be changed – you’ll have more empathy for those who are truly suffering a loss, and you’ll cherish more deeply those still by your side, and be moved to always treat them with kindness and appreciation.”

–– Carol Sigafoos

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